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MOAI is an electronic musical project comprised by two friends from Sweden and France.

The main focus of MOAI is EDM with a mix of various genres like Progressive / house / Techno / Trance / Psychedelic etc. Started out in 2001 by Remi and Jimmy, MOAI's filosophy has continually been genre-crossing musical evolution with a psychedelic touch.

A portfolio of our tunes can be found here.

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News Update

2011 / 02 / 24

Moai - Full Moon (2011 - Promo) Album now available for download

Moai - Full Moon

Artist: Moai
Album: Full Moon
Label: N/A
Year: 2011
Genre: Goa trance Psy Progressive House Chill-out

All tracks Written & produced by Moai.
released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.

1. Moai - Liquid Blue Vision (11.00)
2. Moai - Full Moon part I (7.31)
3. Moai - Full Moon Part II (10.11)
4. Moai - Moontale (9.26)
5. Moai - Digital Placebo (13.30)
6. Moai - Troublemaker (7.02)
7. Moai - Crystal Elixir (10.56)

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Note. You need a Torrent software such as uTorrent to download the album from Torrent.

2010 / 09 / 01

Moai - Full moon Promo now available

"Moai - Full Moon" Promo Album available in streaming only http://bit.ly/cbbvYR

Moai - Full Moon (2010 - Unreleased Promo) by moaimusic
2010 / 07 / 28

New album, Soundcloud and Twitter

The debut MOAI album is almost finished. It just needs a bit polish and mastering. I've sent out promos to labels. The news on the album will be finalized versions of Full Moon Part 1 and 2, and Digital Placebo.

You can now stream the new tech-house track "Moai - Borderline" on our SoundCloud page.

Moai - Borderline by moaimusic

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2010 / 03 / 13

Sonic Reseach & some typography enhancements

The myth of the "Deadmau5 sound"

Some time ago I did some sonic research in Reason to try to immitate the "Deadmau5" lead. After some tweaking and experimenting with the lovely THOR (The other synths in reason blows, sadly) and posted a sample on IDM Forums I got some wild feedback since all the kids seems to love that sound.

Here is an audio file to prove that you can make that kind of rich sound in reason.

Moai - Deadmau5 Synth Research (Reason's Thor)

Helvetica Fetish

I wanted experiment on the website a little bit so I added a bit of Helvetica Neue flavour for those lucky ones that sit on a mac or have the fonts installed in their OS. For the rest of visitor's it degrades gracefully to similar (but much more ugly looking) Arial. And if you wonder why the body text is "big", I just got inspired by iA's 100%Easy-2-Read standards, and that browsers choose the default font-size to 16px.

Hopefully, sometime I will have the energy to port the website over to Wordpress to enable some commenting and other dynamic goodies.

2009 / 12 / 22

Alternative project

Please check out Jimmy's Progressive House project Zentre at Myspace.

2009 / 08 / 25

Digital release on hold

The MOAI album Digital release is on hold for now but I might finish it later.

2009 / 04 / 13

MOAI Album, blog and more

Yeah you heard right! We are going to release a MOAI album soon. If it will be a commercial CD release or a free internet distributed release is not decided yet though. The album will not contain so many new tracks, but everything will be remastered and with sparkling quality and non-destructive CD / FLAC format.

I have also created my own blog, wich content is ranging from my experiences, music, arts, culture etc. wich you can follow here:

Me and Remi are also busy with another project, wich is more electro/tech-house dancefloor oriented. New samples will be up soon!

2009 / 03 / 07

AD INFINITUM: New Minimal Techno / Deep House DJ Set by MAOi

Long time no update since im busy with my studies in Japan, but here comes something big! Please enjoy my latest dj mix set AD INFINITUM! As you can see I also updated the website. Kind of like a blog style. More to come soon..

Image: maoi_-_ad_infinitum_(mnml-tech-prgrsv-house_dj-set_mar_2009)

MAOi - Ad Infinitum (Mnml-Tech-Prgrsv-House DJ-Set Mar 2009)

Genre: Minimal Techno / Progressive / Deep House
Length: 136 min
Track selection, art and mixing: MAOi


01 - Intro: Robert Rich < Brian Lustmord - Point Of No Return
02 - Minilogue - Birdsong
03 - Akiko Kiyama - In_Situ
04 - Gregor Tresher - A Thousand Nights (Extrawelt Remix)
05 - Gregor Tresher - A Thousand Nights (Dubfire Quiet Storm Remix)
06 - Anders Ilar - Downhill
07 - Jesse Somfay - Crash Into The Clouds
08 - Minilogue - The Leopard
09 - Extrawelt - Doch Doch (Moonbeam Remix)
10 - Extrawelt - Schmedding
11 - Soliquid - Rusty Tears
12 - Moonbeam - Siberia
13 - Shades Of Gray - Simplicity
14 - Pig < Dan - Hope
15 - Thomas Schumacher - RedPurple
16 - Stephan Bodzin - Sonnenwind
17 - Booka Shade - Trespass
18 - Extrawelt - 8000
19 - Stephan Bodzin - Turbine
20 - Extrawelt Titelheld
21 - Soliquid - Defibrillator
22 - Petter - Untight
23 - Japancakes - Touched (Ricardo Tobar Remix)